Stock information guide #2

If it was difficult to judge a stock,
Check out the recommendations from experts in various fields.

[Stock Information Guide] is divided into series 1 and 2, and I will introduce you in detail where and how you can use the information.

the market price of stock

If you want to check more detailed market price of stocks, touch the asking price. You can check the chart and market price of the item on Naver Securities screen.

Channel Issues / Searching Trends

Do you lack the basis for judgment on the stock?
In the channel issue, you can check the evaluation of experts in each field and the daily, weekly, and three-month search trends for the item.

Recommended Channel

You can receive information by subscribing directly to the channel you mentioned.

About news and announcement

Check out the latest news and announcements for more detailed information on stocks.

Stock Channel

Subscribe to the interested stock channel, and you can get the latest news and event information through MoeME AI [Stock Radar].
Also, you can freely share your opinions with participants about the event.

Order routing

You can check the information about stocks by linking MTS of securities companies and execute the order immediately.
It also supports the opening of non-face-to-face accounts for securities firms.