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Please check if you entered the phone number correctly. In some countries or regions, the authentication number may take some time to arrive, depending on the carrier’s circumstances. If the authentication number has been sent for more than 5 minutes, please press the resend authentication text button to proceed again.

Multiple mobile devices cannot be accessed with one ID. Due to frequent re-connection, the session may be cut off and the duplicate login may be terminated, so please exit the background app and try logging in again.

※ You can connect to PC and mobile at the same time.

Go to the Friends tab > Search at the top right (magnifier icon) to search for an ID or chat name. Click the Add Friend icon on the right side of the searched friend list to complete adding a friend. If you have already added a friend, it will appear in the “My Friends” area.

You can add or delete groups by going to the Friends tab > Manage Groups (Group Settings icon).
After you create a group, you can easily edit it from a friend profile and add one friend to multiple groups.

A feature that sends one-on-one individual messages to the group specified in the Friend list at a time. If you have a message that you want to give a text effect, try the PC version. The history of sending a group message allows you to easily see the history of previous messages in the “Group Name” chat in the chat list and resend messages. Please be aware that the group note sent once cannot be retrieved.

Conversations that are more than three days old may be invisible because they are deleted from the MoeME server.

However, if you can check the message even after 3 days, it remains on the device, not on the MoeME server, and in this case, if you log out the MoeME app and log back in, you cannot check the conversation before 3 days.

1:1 Chat, Group Chat allows you to delete your history by using the Chat Room More menu > Delete All Chat Room Texts. Deletion only applies in my chat room.

Channel Chat can be deleted through the Chat Room More menu > Lower Right (Cog icon) > Chat Management “Delete Chat Room All Comments”. Delete all comments in the channel chat also applies only in my chat room.

You can register as an “announcement” by long-press the message you want to announce in the channel chat. The announcement displays the latest announcement message at the top of the chat room, and the previous announcement can be found in the “Announcement Bulletin” menu on the More View menu.

※Channel chat notice is a menu only available for the prevention/staff.

Chatroom individual notifications can be set in the upper right view menu, and app-wide notifications can be set in the main > right settings (cog icon) > notifications. If notification of the entire app is turned off, notification of individual chat rooms is also turned off.

If all notifications in the app do not come even though they are ON, please check if ‘MoeME’ notifications are enabled in your smartphone settings.

The chat room individual shake notifications can be set in the upper right view menu, and the app’s full notifications can be set in the main > right settings (cog icon) > notifications. Shake notifications can only be turned off when additional OFF settings are made.

Timeline displays messages of the types “Signal Talk” and “Channel Talk” issued by the channel you are subscribing to and MoeME recommended channels in the latest order. The attributes of each channel (individuals, institutions, experts, stocks) allow you to quickly see important messages.

It shows 20 ranked stocks that are becoming an issue in the gathering as of midnight. The ranking of stocks is based on the intensity of the issue. You can search all kinds of information by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the event information screen.

Channel is a community based on open chat. It provides special functions to the room manager and staff to support smooth channel operation.

You can open a channel by selecting the bottom channel tab > right top + button and entering basic information. The channel supports private/public channels, automatic/password subscription, and can set up to 3000 participants. If you want more than 3000 participants, please contact the customer center and we can proceed with the process of expanding the number of participants after reviewing it.

(Mommy Customer Center Email: cs@aveapp.com )

This is an open chat that is automatically generated when you open a channel. Unlike regular chat (1:1, group chat), channel chat supports the functions needed to operate the channel.

The channel management consists of a room manager and staff. The room manager is the first member to open a channel. The staff can specify the staff among the participants with the permission of the room manager. A room leader can grant staff privileges to ordinary participants at any time, or delegate room privileges. Authorization or delegation can be carried out in Channel Management > Participant Management.

Management can use shaking notification, room cleaning, no chatting, and voice broadcasting (PC version). You can also issue special message functions “Channel Talk” and “Signal Talk”.

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